Ontario Green Savings

Scam Prevention Program

Ontario Green Savings has launched a new awareness program to prevent consumers from falling for scams done by illegitimate companies. We have done so by spreading awareness about these issues and formed an organization called Canadian Home Owners Protection Association to bring all utility companies together for the purpose of protecting consumers. We continue to remove any scams in Ontario and we work hard to save our elderly from being taken advantage of.

What to look out for to avoid being scammed

There are two common types of utility scams—the phone call from a fake representative of your utility company and the more brazen door-to-door promotional pricing or product scam. The information below will help you identify these cons and avoid being swindled.

Is Ontario Green Savings Scam?

It is very hard to be a licensed and registered company which is ranked the 20th fastest growing Startup in 2019 with over 10,000 satisfied customers and also be a SCAM! Remember scam companies would not be providing their correct information online with releasing their office addresses or their business numbers if they had one. We are a registered company with TSSA and our corporate information is available on online registries and you can see Ontario Green Savings profiles available publicly. Ontario Green Savings reviews are positive and an indicator that it is striving to eliminate complaints and promote customer satisfaction. We can give you some information about different scams that take place in our communities so you can make yourself aware of the issues.


  • Do call the Ontario Green Savings to confirm if a representative was sent to your home.
  • Look for Ontario Green Savings logo on the material left for you
  • Do ask questions about the badge, uniforms and business cards and confirm
  • Always book an appointment first before letting anyone in your home

Phone Scams

These scams tend to use aggressive and intimidating tactics. You’ll receive a call from a scammer claiming to be a representative of your local utility company or energy provider. They will insist you’re behind on your electricity bill payments and your account is delinquent. They often threaten to shut off your electricity or natural gas immediately, usually within the hour or that same day if you don’t pay up.

If you miss the call, you may receive a message stating that you owe a large but specific amount of money, usually hundreds of dollars. The imposter will leave a callback number for their “direct line,” and a threat to disconnect your energy service that day. Ontario Green Savings reps will always conduct in home assessment to put consumers at ease.

At this point, you might be panicking, and that’s what these fraudsters are counting on. You don’t think clearly when you’re frightened or alarmed, so you could forget that you’ve paid the last few bills on time, or that you have automatic payments set up.


Watch Out For:

Warning 1: Threats to cut your power immediately without payment

Warning 2: Fuzzy details about identification of the company and the representative

Warning 3: Requests for money transfers or prepaid debit cards